An Afro-Nihilist Manifesto

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"We" say that "Blackness is not a monolith," because that is a "good" thing to say. Few of us really believe it. We all love "Black Joy," but what about Blackness that joyously leans into hate? What about a little balance? FUCK hope, empowerment, community and positive representation. Some of us can lean into the antisocial, the misanthropic, the so-called "evil" aspects of us with honesty, and with radical acceptance. And for those some of us, when we do this, we feel more than "Black Joy"... we actually feel like ourselves, like individuals, like what society has made us. We feel alive, for better and worse.  is is ALSO what the unapologetic Blackness of one "crazy nigger" can look like; messy, inconsistent, obscure, surreal and unpleasant. It can look like nihilism. My nihilism is best expressed through art; in this case poetry and performance. It is intended for open-minded, dark-hearted Black folks who REALLY don't give a fuck what the preacher or their mama thinks of them. It is also for all the others... who want to be us, fuck us, big-us-up or put us down. Take a risk on it; you might learn something... or, even better, feel something. But do as thou wilt. It doesn't fucking matter in the end.