What's New with LBC - Winter 2016

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What's New with LBC - Winter 2016

A lot has changed in the past quarter. The heat of summer finally abated and the El Nino rains have begun! There has been a noticeable downtick in drama around these parts and the fourth annual East Bay Book & Conversation Event went swimmingly. We are very proud of the titles we have to offer you this quarter and look forward to your feedback.

New Titles

Everything Must Go - by Bruno Astarian & Gilles Duavé

LBC Books

Bruno Astarian argues, from a Marxist perspective, that communization must be anti-work; discusses what makes an insurrection (and what makes it special); introduces (among many things) a more granular definition for capital and the concepts of non-value, and devaloration. The Astarian pieces lead to the final part of the book, by Dauve, who continues the discussion of insurrections, international and in various times, their limitations and opportunities. Dauve also brings limits to technology into the equation, arguing appropriateness.

Common sense sometimes is our most deceptive ally: it hammers in the idea that after defeating the State, we must re-start production in order to fulfil real and pressing needs. Not in a capitalist way, of course: obviously we must self-organise an economy with no boss, no profit, no value accumulation. (...) It is not a matter of empty stomachs aiming at being fed, but of creating social relations with fellow proles. The insurgents' first need is to come together to arm themselves with whatever weapons are available. Only in extreme cases do men and women want to eat only to stay alive, and it is in these cases, starving in a concentration camp for instance, that social bonds are the most disconnected. Otherwise, the first human need is the need for another human being: the theoretical difficulty is to divest this principle of its usual idealist mind-set.

- Gilles Duavé

For more information - Everything Must Go

Is Space the Place? Yes/No

Ardent Press

Modeled on the old-school science fiction Ace doubles here is a fun and quirky tête-bêche format book that addresses the question of the best relationship of current-day humans to non-earth terrain(s). Reprints from the surreal Association of Autonomous Astronauts are the bulk of one side (which demonstrate editoral ambivalence), while the other features pieces by science fiction authors, among others, and both yea and nay have heartfelt introductions from the editors.

For more information - Is Space the Place? Yes/No

Tiqqun and the Matter of Bloom in Contemporary Political Philosophy - by Pedro José Mariblanca Corrales


A brand new piece from Spain on the meaning and relevance of Tiqqun's analysis and activity for a larger, more vibrant movement. Part of our ongoing series on the impact that Tiqqun and related project have had on the anarchist space starting with the publication of "The Theory of Bloom"

Negation is important to Tiqqun. However, negation only creates movement. Negation is opposition and opposition is not enough. The insurrection is interesting as a negation--it implies rupture--but the rupture needs something else, it needs to create its own temporality. This temporality can be that of the communes, but if the communes represent the outside that moves inside, how can these dialectical realities be interconnected? Tiqqun defends desertion, but deserting means fleeing. Thus there is no interrelation between the outside and the inside.

For more information - Tiqqun and the Matter of Bloom in Contemporary Political Philosophy

Worker's Book of 50 Sectarian Crosswords

Ardent Press

For those anarchistnews fans who miss Worker's acerbic and insightful bon mots on modern-day anarchy and anarchists, here is a fix (however temporary) for you. Fifty crossword puzzles of occasionally ludicrous difficulty for your education and amusement.

Anarchistnews.org is the most popular, utilized, and non-sectarian news source pertaining to anarchists in North America. Its open commenting system continues to be one of the few spaces in which anarchists, nationally and internationally, converse about topics of the day, challenge each other, and critically engage with a wide variety of issues and events. Worker retired from running the site after eleven years... Since then they have reflected on their time in the daily trenches of running the site, and this book is the result. These crossword puzzles speak to the years of comment threads, the ridiculousness and wonderfulness of the anarchist space in North America, and finally the absurdity of working with cantankerous, stubborn, and self-righteous people by way of essay or manifesto. These puzzles should probably be done by a reading group or a group of friends. They are supposed to make you think, laugh, and perhaps smack your head. A more perfect metaphor for North American anarchism cannot be found.

For more information - 50 Sectarian Crossword Puzzles

Recent LBC Titles

  1. Art as Resistance - A pretty book about the Autonomen and their artistic expression.
  2. Black Eye - A book about the Lower East Side of NYC in the 80s, it's decay, and what some friends tried to do about it.
  3. Breaking Loose - Ron Sakolsky writes contra despair and our choices to self-repress.
  4. It's Crazy How Many Things do not Exist Jean-Pierre Voyer has been an unorthodox post-Situationist for four decades+. He is woefully unknown in North America, here is an attempt to change that.
  5. The Manual for Revolutionary Leaders. - What to do and how to do it.

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This is the last year of our accomplice program! Don't miss a title. Do you like what we are trying to do with Little Black Cart? If you like a vibrant and engaged anarchist press, please consider helping us by becoming an LBC Accomplice!

For $20 / month (domestic, $40 international) you get every new title we publish (over 50 since 2012), 20% off of every Little Black Cart distribution item, and we start you out with a free book or t-shirt of your choosing.

This quarter our accomplices received three books, a magazine, a zine, a great new zine, and a newspaper that is not listed on the LBC site!

Here is how to learn more about becoming an LBC Accomplice

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