A Crime Called Freedom (lbc)

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Writings of Os Cangaceiros Vol. 1

OS CANGACEIROS was a group of delinquents with nothing but contempt for the self-sacrificial ideology practiced by "specialists in armed struggle". This uncontrollable band of social rebels wreaked havoc on the French state by attacking the infrastructures of oppression, supporting popular revolts, stealing and releasing secret blueprints for high-tech prisons, raiding the offices of corporate collaborators, and creating their lives in complete opposition to the world based on work. This volume, translated by Wolfi Landstreicher, is the first collection of the writings of Os Cangaceiros in English. It was originally published by the great Eberhardt Press and has been out of print for years.

Wolfi Landstreicher is the editor of the insurrectionary anarchist journal Willful Disobedience and publisher of Venomous Butterfly Publications. He has translated works by Renzo Novatore, Alfredo Bonanno and many other Italian-language anarchist publications. We would be a shadow of what we are if it were not for his work.

Millenarian Rebels is a companion book.